Our Organization
Our Organization

Mission - Vision - Focus



We work to help disadvantaged individuals and groups understand who they are, hold a vision for their future, acquire knowledge and skills needed for success, have a network of support to reach their goals, and contribute to better outcomes for communities.


Our vision is of an inclusive Vietnam where all people, including those from disadvantaged groups play a full part in society.


We put disadvantaged populations, defined as those who are disadvantaged as a result of sex, location, disability, and ethnicity, etc., at the heart of our work as they have limited means and opportunities to fully participate in the society

Core Values


We are committed to living out our mission statement and our core values.


We serve those in need with all of our time, money, and abilities.


We are dedicated to supporting and promoting diversity and inclusion, and to effectively embedding it into everything we do.


We conduct ourselves with integrity, guaranteeing access to our results and stories to all stakeholders we serve.


Co-founder stories

Our Journey Towards A More Sustainable Future Will Mean Empowering People To Ensure That No One Is Left Behind
It all started when… The two Founders, Tran Thi Ngoc Tran and Huynh Le Khanh, met at a public university in Vietnam many years ago. Very quickly, their work relationship grew into real friendship because they both are passionate about community development through education. Such passion was born out of their belief and personal experience that education and communication can influence a person’s behavior positively, equip them to take greater control of their own lives, and contribute to changing society. For the past 15 years, Khanh and Tran have successfully completed multiple community projects. They varied from professional development (e.g. STEM Teachers’ English Maximizer program targeting STEM teachers, and Future for Women program targeting women entrepreneurs; both were initiated by Tran and received funding from the U.S government) to socio-emotional development (e.g. Girl Rising curriculum targeting teenagers in which Khanh served as a trainer), and climate action (e.g. The River of Life hosted by British Council where Khanh was a trainer, speaker, and mentor), and marriage equality (e.g. I Do campaign initiated and hosted by ISEE and ICS where Khanh being a strategic advisor and facilitator for the whole campaign), and education and job opportunity for deaf and dumb children (e.g. H.U.N project equips deaf and dumb children with all levels of education and career opportunity in which Khanh being a volunteer to operate funding activities). In order to ensure sustainability in our community initiatives, we knew that it is important to create a registered organization where we can build a wider team to expand our efforts and make a bigger impact. As a result, For Good Vietnam was born in December 2021.

Co-Founders' Bio

Huynh Le Khanh

Co-Founder ForGood Việt Nam

Khanh is a communication expert with 13 years of experience in brand and social movement communication. He is also the visiting lecturer at Universities in Ho Chi Minh City as USH, VLU, Ton Duc Thang, Cuu Long, et cetera. Khanh leverages his knowledge and expertise in leadership and communication in forums and workshops serving youth organizations, global firms and international forums. Before joining For Good, Khanh was Managing Director of Golden PR, Co-founder and Managing Director of Golden Stella – two members of Golden Communication Group, the leading communication agency in Vietnam market with 23 years of establishment and contribution to Vietnam’s media, advertising and communication landscape. Being born and raised in Mekong Delta, Khanh experienced hardship of disadvantaged people. Meanwhile, he believes that each person possesses unique potential which would be a great resource for the community if it has its full opportunity to unlock. Therefore, by founding For Good Vietnam, Khanh wishes to pay it forward to the community, to bring equal opportunity to underserved people in Vietnam, especially women, LGBT people and those who are raising their voice to protect earth and environment.

Tran Thi Ngoc Tran

Co-Founder ForGood Việt Nam

Tran is an educational leader who brings over 20 years of expertise and passion to launch For Good Vietnam. Prior to this organisation, she held managerial and leadership positions at Vietnam National University-Ho Chi Minh City and Fulbright University Vietnam, the two leading higher education institutions in the country. She was also the inaugural Vietnam Country Manager for Girl Rising, a nonprofit supporting girls’ empowerment, and consultant at the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group. Tran holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Management from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and is currently pursuing her doctoral degree at Andrews University with a focus on Women’s Leadership. In 2021, she was selected as an Echidna Global Scholar, a prestigious visiting fellowship for community leaders who have substantial experience and a strong dedication to girls’ education in low- and middle-income countries hosted by the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC. She was also awarded the Humphrey fellowship by the U.S. Department of State (2012), the entrepreneurial leadership fellowship by the East West Center (2009), and the fellowships by the Dutch government (2023; 2007; 2009).