Our Team
Our Team

Board Of Directors

Huynh Le Khanh

Co-Director ForGood Việt Nam

Khanh is a communication expert with 13 years of experience in brand and social movement communication. He is also the visiting lecturer at Universities in Ho Chi Minh City as USH, VLU, Ton Duc Thang, Cuu Long, et cetera. Khanh leverages his knowledge and expertise in leadership and communication in forums and workshops serving youth organizations, global firms and international forums. Before joining For Good, Khanh was Managing Director of Golden PR, Co-founder and Managing Director of Golden Stella – two members of Golden Communication Group, the leading communication agency in Vietnam market with 23 years of establishment and contribution to Vietnam’s media, advertising and communication landscape. Being born and raised in Mekong Delta, Khanh experienced hardship of disadvantaged people. Meanwhile, he believes that each person possesses unique potential which would be a great resource for the community if it has its full opportunity to unlock. Therefore, by founding For Good Vietnam, Khanh wishes to pay it forward to the community, to bring equal opportunity to underserved people in Vietnam, especially women, LGBT people and those who are raising their voice to protect earth and environment.

Tran Thi Ngoc Tran

Co-Director ForGood Việt Nam

Tran is an educational leader who brings over 20 years of expertise and passion to launch For Good Vietnam. Prior to this organisation, she held managerial and leadership positions at Vietnam National University-Ho Chi Minh City and Fulbright University Vietnam, the two leading higher education institutions in the country. She was also the inaugural Vietnam Country Manager for Girl Rising, a nonprofit supporting girls’ empowerment, and consultant at the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group. Tran holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Management from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and is currently pursuing her doctoral degree at Andrews University with a focus on Women’s Leadership. In 2021, she was selected as an Echidna Global Scholar, a prestigious visiting fellowship for community leaders who have substantial experience and a strong dedication to girls’ education in low- and middle-income countries hosted by the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC. She was also awarded the Humphrey fellowship by the U.S. Department of State (2012), the entrepreneurial leadership fellowship by the East West Center (2009), and the fellowships by the Dutch government (2023; 2007; 2009).

Board Of Advisors

Dr. Tran Thi Thu Hien

Hien is a Vice Dean at the Faculty of Gender and Development in Vietnam Women’s Academy who strongly believes in “Love is giving”. She goes above and beyond her standard hours by guiding numerous students to conduct scientific research, including a group that won the Eureka Prize in 2021. Hien is also involved in teaching training courses for union officials at all levels, which includes training staff of the Lao Women’s Union and Cambodian Women’s Union for peace and development. Her main areas of research and teaching are women, gender, and development, and she has participated in writing various textbooks, monographs, reference books, and teaching materials for Vietnam Women’s Academy and Vietnam Women’s Union. Hien has also been involved in multiple research projects, including two ministerial-level research projects, two academy-level projects, and three grassroots level topics. She has taken the lead in one project and is currently researching social inclusion of poor female migrant workers in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic in Tay Ho District, Hanoi City. With her extensive knowledge and experience in gender and development issues, Hien is making significant contributions to the field of education and social development in Vietnam.

Dr. Nguyen Tran Nhan Tanh

Dr. Tanh Nguyen, with a Ph.D. in Agricultural and Biological Engineering, heads the Climate Change Institute at An Giang University. As the AgMIP-Vietnam+ Lead, he facilitates collaborations for ecological and food security/conservation in the Vietnam+ region. Dr. Nguyen specializes in crop and ecological engineering, concentrating on the development and expansion of crop models, including novel crops and landscape crop modeling. His research spans the US, Southeast Asia, and East Asia, investigating integrated farming systems, crop transformation, and the coupling of models for crop production and greenhouse gas emissions. The CEE lab, led by Dr. Tanh Nguyen, actively engages in fieldwork, lab experiments, simulations, and modeling to advance understanding of ecological and food systems. They enthusiastically welcome fresh ideas, suggestions, and opportunities for collaboration.

Tran Hung Thien

Tran Hung Thien is the founder and CEO of GCOMM Market Research Corporation, previously serving as an Associate Director at Nielsen. After graduating from university, he worked at Nielsen for 8 years and became a research expert. He trained new staff members and provided guidance on document evaluation for top-level executives in various large corporations. In 2011, he established GCOMM and helped the company overcome challenges, becoming one of the leading market research companies in Vietnam. Thien is also well-known for his teaching abilities and social contributions, sharing business knowledge and career guidance with the younger generation. Additionally, he has actively participated in numerous charitable projects, offering educational opportunities to underprivileged students and supporting disabled students with knowledge and vocational opportunities.

Team Members

Le Thi Khanh Doan

Program Coordinator

Khanh Đoan is a graduate in International Relations from the University of Foreign Languages – Information Technology, Ho Chi Minh City. She actively participated in various Youth Union activities and held the prestigious position of Excellent Youth Union Officer for two consecutive terms in 2020-2021 and 2021-2022. Her passion for social engagement ignited when she became a volunteer for JCI East Saigon in 2019, contributing to projects like “The Reach” and “Blue and Green.” Furthermore, Khánh Đoan has delved into scientific research, focusing on political-diplomatic affairs and climate change. Her research project titled “Water Security in the Mekong Delta: Water Management Models of Several Countries Worldwide” was presented at the Student Scientific Research Conference in 2021-2022 by the Faculty of International Relations. After graduation, Khánh Đoan seized the opportunity to work alongside the co-founders of ForGood Vietnam, Ms. Ngọc Trân and Mr. Lê Khánh. Currently, she serves as the coordinator for the “SheFuture – Women Entrepreneurship 2022” program and the “Green Move – Creative Media Training for Vietnamese Youth and Students” initiative.

Huynh Phan Thai Ngoc

Program Coordinator

Thai Ngoc is a graduate in International Relations from the University of Foreign Languages – Information Technology, Ho Chi Minh City. Ngoc shows a strong interest and deep commitment to social justice and equality. Driven by a passion to help the less fortunate, Ngoc actively participates in various social and community activities, such as volunteering at local orphanages and children’s homes in Ho Chi Minh City. Besides, Ngọc actively participated in Youth Union, Student Association activities and held the prestigious position of Excellent Youth Union Member Officer for two consecutive terms in 2020-2021 and 2021-2022. Additionally, Ngọc has received commendations from various organizations for significant contributions in supporting and developing life skills for children in the local community. After graduation, Ngọc has the opportunity to work at ForGood Vietnam as a coordinator for the “Future For Women – Women’s Entrepreneurship” program and the “Storytellers – Short Film Training for Social Impact for Vietnamese Students” program.”