Launched in March 2023,  Tủ Đồ Thời Trans (Trans Fashion Closet) is a community support project for transgender individuals in Vietnam, aiming to help individuals feel confident in exploring and expressing themselves.

Why was Tủ Đồ Thời Trans created?

Many transgender women living in remote areas of Vietnam often face discrimination and social exclusion, and may even be rejected by their families. They live in impoverished conditions and struggle to access basic necessities. They share the same desires as all women: to feel beautiful and confident in their own bodies and to step into society with pride.

Believing that everyone deserves to feel beautiful, confident, and respected regardless of their gender identity or socio-economic status, Tủ Đồ Thời Trans was established in March 2023 with the aim of supporting the transgender community in Vietnam. It seeks to empower individuals by providing them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and beauty products to enhance their self-confidence, promote their integration, and express themselves freely.

Đoàn Hoàng Huy graciously receives and tries on the clothing items sent by Tủ Đồ Thời Trans as a gift.

Vision and Mission:

The project aims to support an equitable and diverse society, where transgender individuals have equal access to resources and necessary support. Additionally, it aims to build an empathetic and respectful community for transgender individuals, helping them feel confident in exploring and expressing themselves.

Key activities of Tủ Đồ Thời Trans include:

  • Donating and supporting cosmetics and costumes.
  • Organizing training programs to enhance skills and capabilities.
  • Promoting the participation and interaction of the transgender community.

After the first campaign from March to April 2023, Tủ Đồ Thời Trans received 1.5 tons of donations to be sent to transgender communities. The project was filled with joy and happiness as both the givers and receivers shared their smiles, serving as a significant motivation to launch the second phase of Tủ Đồ Thời Trans, a proud initiative of the LGBTQ+ community.

Members of Tủ Đồ Thời Trans are preparing the clothes to be delivered to 15 transgender communities in Khánh Hòa, Bình Dương, Đồng Nai, Sài Gòn, Long An, Cần Thơ, and An Giang.

Information for receiving donations in phase 2:

Duration: From 01/06/2023 to 30/06/2023

Direct collection locations:

  • Ho Chi Minh City:
  • Schedule: Wednesdays and Saturdays from 14:00-17:00
  • Address: 236/29/13 Điện Biên Phủ Street, Bình Thạnh District
  • Phone numbers: 0818189806 (Hân) – 0915056985 (Michael)
  • An Giang:
  • Schedule: Monday – Sunday from 8:00-19:00
  • Address: DNXH Sunshine An Giang, 193 Lý Thái Tổ Street, Mỹ Long Ward, Long Xuyên City
  • Phone numbers: 0932912735 – 0964648652 (Phi)

Donation process:

Step 1: Collect clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, and perfume.

Step 2: Pack the items in a box or bag, and include the name and phone number of the sender.

Step 3: Send the donated items to one of the two collection locations by bringing them directly or contacting a shipper for delivery to the designated collection point.

The first phase of the Tủ Đồ Thời Trans campaign received significant support from the community.

Some guidelines for choosing items to donate:

  • Tủ Đồ Thời Trans accepts: all types of women’s clothing, women’s office attire, women’s loungewear, party wear (size M+); perfumes; cosmetics; makeup; accessories and jewelry.
  • Tủ Đồ Thời Trans does not accept: underwear; children’s clothing; items with missing buttons, broken zippers; torn or heavily stained items; expired items.

The project is currently recruiting collaborators for various positions, please refer here for more information.